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TODAY’S THANK YOU NOTE IN THE DEMOCRAT & CHRONICLE was the icing on a phenomenal, multi-layered, week-long homecoming of THE AGE OF LOVE to Rochester.

Starting with interviews with Maureen McGuire on News 8 WROC-TV and with Rachel Barnhart on NewsRadio WHAM 1180, we then visited Nikki Rudd on WHEC-TV News at Noon, interviewed on ‘Morning Edition’ with Beth Adams on WXXI, on ‘Healthy Friday’ with the amazing Elissa Orlando and sat down with Hélène Biandudi Hofer for a chat on WXXI-TV’s ‘Need to Know’ program, which will be aired in the coming months. Continue Reading…


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HOST ELISSA ORLANDO’S DESCRIPTION of THE AGE OF LOVE as “an adventure movie— the adventure of looking for love when you’re older than 70,” launches a wide-ranging conversation on the physical and emotional challenges of seeking new relationships later in life.

Appearing on NRP’s ‘Healthy Friday’ program with geriatrician Roger Oskvig, M.D, film director Steven Loring addresses the humor and emotions, and looks at how outdated stereotypes of aging are still perpetuated in our culture and media—even in a world where 80-year-olds are now more likely to be found at the gym than in the rocking chair.


REVIEW: “The Age of Love” Reviewed: Senior Class

Sunday, October 19th, 2014 • 1 Comment
By Erich Van Dussen, Gatehouse Media Syndicate, 10.17.2014


FIRST-TIME DOCUMENTARY FILMMAKER STEVEN LORING HAS ROARED OUT OF THE GATE with The Age of Love, a bright and respectfully playful feature that throws a spotlight on an unsung population segment: senior citizens, seeking companionship, romance and maybe more. Local audiences who haven’t already bought tickets currently have one chance to see this movie – some seats are still available for the 6:30pm show tonight at the Little Theatre, 240 East Ave. in Rochester. Consider it highly recommended.     Continue Reading


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city paper image websiteBy Adam Lubitow 10.15.2014

IN THE CHARMING LOCALLY-PRODUCED DOCUMENTARY “The Age of Love,” filmmaker Steven Loring follows the first-of-its-kind senior speed-dating event, held right here in Rochester. Meant exclusively for singles aged 70 to 90, the event allows 30 seniors (15 women and 15 men) to get a second chance at finding love.

It’s admittedly a somewhat cutesy sounding premise, but the film works so well because of the sense that Loring is determined to treat his subjects with the dignity they deserve.     Continue Reading

PREVIEW: Messenger Post Newspapers – The Age of Love arrives in Rochester

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WHEN SCREENWRITER AND BRIGHTON NATIVE Steven Loring set out to make his first documentary film, he chose a topic close to home. Not only that, but he actually left Brooklyn to come home to Rochester to film it. The result, The Age of Love, a comedically poignant look at how our hearts evolve as we grow older, will have two screenings at The Little Theatre on Oct. 18.

The documentary follows the adventures of a group of pioneering seniors who sign up for a Rochester-wide speed dating event exclusively for 70- to 90-year-olds. Spurred to take stock of aging bodies and still-hopeful hearts, they soon discover how dreams and desires change—or don’t change—from first love to the far reaches of life.

“I’d ended a somewhat unfulfilling decade writing movies for TV and was looking to tell stories about real life that I felt passionate about,” Loring says. So he enrolled in the MFA Social Documentary film program at NYC’s School of Visual Arts and went in search of a thesis topic.    Continue Reading


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Kicking off the media tour for THE AGE OF LOVE’s Rochester Premiere, director Steven Loring spoke with Rachel Barnhart on WHAM1180 this week.

A comedically poignant look at how our hearts evolve as we grow older, the documentary follows the adventures of a group of pioneering seniors who sign up for a speed dating event exclusively for 70- to 90-year-olds. Spurred to take stock of aging bodies and still-hopeful hearts, they soon discover how dreams and desires change—or don’t change—from first love to the far reaches of life.

A screenwriter and Brighton native, Loring shot his first documentary feature in locations all around the city, and the speed daters are all local residents.

THE AGE OF LOVE will have two screenings at The Little Theatre on Saturday, October 18 at 2:00 and 6:30 p.m. A panel discussion on dating after 60 and a Q&A with the director will follow the screenings.

Reserve tickets now at

THE AGE OF LOVE — Rochester, NY Premiere

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Little-Marquee-TAOL-shortIMPORTANT UPDATE #2! BOTH SCREENINGS FOR TODAY, OCTOBER 18, ARE NOW SOLD OUT. If you have comps or reserved tickets waiting at the box office, we’ll see you there. Otherwise, please watch for our next screenings in Rochester coming up near Valentine’s Day. Thank you for all the great Rochester support!

BACK HOME IN THE CITY where the project was born, we’re thrilled to announce two long-awaited, premiere screenings of THE AGE OF LOVE at the Little Theatre on October 18, 2014.

Supported by numerous area organizations — led by St. John’s, Lifespan and MVP Healthcare — events will include a post-screening panel discussion on the hearts and desires of seniors, a cast, crew and sponsor reception and (soon to be announced) a senior speed dating event.

Both screenings are open to the public, and online ticketing is now LIVE. Here’s the SCHEDULE, with more info below:  

Continue reading…

REVIEW: AARP Film Review “The Age of Love”

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By Brenda Lind, AARP Community Engagement Specialist


YOU MAY THINK THAT FINDING LOVE IN LIFE should be left mainly to the younger set, but, after seeing “The Age of Love,” the documentary, you will change your mind. In the words of the film’s director, Steven Loring, “After seeing this movie, you will never look at your parents or grandparents the same way again. And that’s a good thing.”   Continue reading


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CT-STYLE logoTHE AGE OF LOVE director Steven Loring joined AARP’s Sex and Relationships expert Dr. Pepper Schwartz on the ABC morning talk show, ‘CT Style’. The discussion focused on ‘Love and Dating After Age 50′ and highlighted Loring’s new film — a humorous, award winning documentary that follows 30 adventurous seniors that sign up for a Speed Dating event exclusively for 70- to 90-year-olds.

Dr. Schwartz has written over 16 books on dating habits and sensuality of couples and singles – including her latest book Dating After 50 for Dummies.

Loring and Dr. Schwartz share a mission — to improve the lives of aging boomers by empowering their hearts and enhancing their relationships.


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bijou-interior-fran-2WHAT FILMMAKER DOESN’T HOPE TO SCREEN in one of America’s elegant, original Bijous?

On Wednesday, September 10, THE AGE OF LOVE came to the historic Bijou Theatre in Bridgeport, CT — a 1909 vaudeville stop where Tom Mix opened in ‘Pride of the Range’ — for one free, pilot screening, complete with cocktails and sponsored by the amazing team at CT AARP.

Before ticketing was halted, 240 reservations were requested, selling out the 202-seat house.

From our interview on the ‘Connecticut Style’ morning show on WTNH (ABC) in New Haven to an intense nighttime Q&A — both with AARP’s exuberant Dating and Relationship Ambassador Dr. Pepper Schwartz — it was an awesome screening day and chance to share our themes with a packed house.

Continue reading

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